Remember that series on E! "Kourtney and Kim Take New York"? Then they took Miami, and then New York again? Last month, I decided that sauté+rosé was going to follow in the famed footsteps of the most infamous reality TV family and I took New York. 

One of my dearest friends, Lauren, is getting married in October and I (am choking back tears while writing this SORRY I'M EMOTIONAL) get to help celebrate the big day as a bridesman! So fun, right?! I planned a trip out to NYC to meet the rest of the wedding party and celebrate the best way I know how. Food and wine. From the moment I stepped of the plane and the moment I got back on the plane I was eating. So much food, so little time!! 

I stayed at this great AirBnB in Williamsburg! So close to so many great restaurants, and my host gave so many great recommendations but his biggest tip was to explore the neighborhood! So after I dropped my luggage off, I found a cute pizzeria and had the first of many slices of pizza. A traditional Neapolitan style pizza and it was SO good. With 3 locations in NYC and a few across the world, Motorino Pizzeria does it right! This pizza seriously tasted like it came straight from Naples. I had the Stracciatella, a white pizza with cherry tomatoes and basil. 


The crust was so crisp and there wasn't even the slightest taste of yeast in the dough. I was so ready for a nap, I walked right back to my AirBnB and chilled until it was time for the next meal. Our original plan was to eat in Queens, where I would be meeting Lauren fiancé Nick for the first time, but after a marathon of Queer Eye, Nick decided to cook and honestly it was an amazing meal. I was so impressed, not because I didn't think that it would be a great meal but because Nick had taken it upon himself to rearrange the apartment, and really made the night so special! I mean, the photo below really doesn't do the food justice but sometimes our memories are the best photographs. We had roasted chicken, on pita bread with grilled halloumi cheese (I'd never had it and OMG my life has been changed) with a fig spread, roasted potatoes, and a delicious salad with craisins, walnuts, arugula and a balsamic dressing. I mean, literally it was such an amazing meal and paired perfectly with the dirty martini that was served with it! 

I really could've taken a better photo, but I was too involved with dinner to even think about it! 

I really could've taken a better photo, but I was too involved with dinner to even think about it! 

After dinner we tried to find a cool karaoke bar, but they were all packed! I had no idea that Queens NY was the karaoke capitol of NYC so we settled at this cute lounge and after a just chatted the night away! A perfect first day in NYC. 

The next day the bridal party met to pick their dresses and have lunch. Before the fittings we had a reservation at Thep, a Thai restaurant with the cutest aesthetic!


Hanging air plants, great music and the best chicken Pad Kee Mow (stir-fried broad flat rice noodles, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, Thai basil & egg in spicy chili sauce) I've had in awhile. The spices were so balanced, and you could really taste the coconut milk marrying the chili and each noodle was so perfectly coated with the sauce. 

like, how good does that look?

like, how good does that look?

After lunch and the dress fittings, a few of us just explored Manhattan until it was time to take a break and head out for a night cap. It was such a fun night catching up with old friends and meeting new friends. 

We had a lazy start to the next day, so after some much needed rest we decided to head to the Brooklyn Flea for some shopping and, of course, food. This place literally has everything from vintage tinker toys, giant fur coats, vintage LV purses and so much more. It was so cute, and there was a DJ downstairs. It was truly an experience and so fun. After meandering around each booth I decided on trying the famed Ramen Burger. A burger with buns made of ramen noodles. Like, who would've thought that could be a thing! 


The meat was perfectly cooked, and topped with arugula and hoisin sauce it was a beautiful marriage of the flavors but after a few bites it became increasingly difficult to eat so the bun had to go and the patty was finished. Such an experience! After eating and looking around for a few more hours I was hungry again. Because DUH. So off to get more pizza we went. 

I've heard of Best Pizza via Instagram, Viceland and Facebook so I had to try it.

Seriously, how can you resist a sign like that? It's impossible.

Seriously, how can you resist a sign like that? It's impossible.

From the moment you walk in, you're met with the smell of crust baking and cheese melting and the sounds of hip-hop playing. It's such a cool shop! The walls are covered in paper plates with drawing of their patrons from around the world. I had to go with my favorite pizza - pepperoni. 


I really think this was my favorite meal during my trip. The crust was perfect, the sauce was perfectly seasoned and the pepperoni added the perfect amount of spice. If I have one regret is that I didn't eat more than one slice. There's something so welcoming and warming about a good slice of pizza and a glass bottle of Coke especially when shared with a lifelong friend. I may or may not have a Best Pizza teeshirt, too. I couldn't resist! 

 I had such an amazing time in NYC and can't wait to spend more time there this year exploring more restaurants and celebrating love! If you have any recommendations leave them in the comments below.